Short films are an art form unto themselves. In order to celebrate this art form, we have decided to follow up on our article Best American Short Films Ever Made, we’ve decided to make a new list called, yes that’s right, 10 Best American Short Films (Part 2).

Not perhaps the most original title ever, but our aim is to cover the best American shorts released in the last few years. Our goal here is to try to get people watching short films again. Naturally, people want to see the best ones, so hence this list.

Since international audiences are more than happy to watch American films that is why we did part 2 rather than doing a list of the best French short films ever made. Did I just say best French films? Yes, I did. Well, the good news is that that list is coming very soon. Watch this space.

10 of the Best American Short Films that you must see.

1. NADIA (2017)

Directed by Teddy Nygh and written by Alex Tenenbaum, this film focuses on the issues surrounding homelessness. It is a story of a normal girl who has just been kicked out of home by her mother. Fortunately, she is rescued by her teacher who she discovers had also suffered the same fate when he was younger.

The film gives insight into the causes of homeless which sometimes include people not feeling safe in their own houses or fleeing from domestic violence.

2. IMAGINE – (2015)

This film was directed by Carl Mason and focuses on extremely rare and incurable disease called Niemann- Pick Type C disease, which is a genetic condition that causes neurological decline and dementia.

The film follows a little girl, Millie, who is suffering from this disease and because of it is unable to live as her heart desires. Though they lack financial support, her parents do everything they can to treat her. Sadly, they are now starting to lose hope of ever finding help for their daughter.

With no hope of help, Millie turns to her imagination to do everything she desires, including dancing in up on stage.


Young Americans, directed by Kevin Lacy, is the story of a strong young girl who grew up in foster care. parents seeking for a motherly love. She will do everything for her sick mother, ending up manipulating She harbors a secret obsession to rob a bank to finance a trip.

She decides to manipulate a young classmate who she knows has a crush on her into helping with the robbery. The question is will his love for her be enough to make him go through with such a daring plan?

4. PASSING (2008)

A nice and humbling short from director Jolie Hales. Passing tells the story of a young man as he enters a flower shop. While searching for something to show his love he is annoyed by the amount of attention he is getting.

Only after he leaves does the man come to understand why he was getting so much interest.

5. DIFFERENT –(2017)

Directed by Tahneek Rahman, Different examines how two people with different disabilities manage to live with them. The film aims to carry the director’s message that “despite our differences, we can all still live in a world where we can work together for the greater good”.

Different is another humbling film that shows how our differences make us unique and therefore should be celebrated.

6. SEA SIDE – (2014)

Sea Side was the first short of director Sebastian Cox. It is about a girl from a broken family.

Though her life is miserable, she still has her brother to rely on to help comfort her and give her support. Because of her situation, she constantly skips classes just to spend time with her brother at the seaside. As time goes by, she begins to become aware that her brother is becoming more and more distant from her.

7. THE CRUSH– (2010)

Director Michael Creagh’s film about a small boy who decides to ruin his teacher’s relationship because of a crush he has on her. His plan comes after he notices that his teacher is not wearing a ring that he has given her.

THE CRUSH– (2010)

After discovering she is to be married, he hatches his dark and devious plan.

8. THE BUS STOP– (2016)

Magalie De Genova’s powerful short that follows an old woman’s reaction to being bullied by teenagers at a bus stop. The film is a promising directorial debut by the director, and most certainly worthy of a place on this list.

After she is bullied at a bus stop, an old woman discovers that he happens to live next door to one of the bullies. She gets a chance to meet him again with his mother and decides to teach him a lesson that he will never forget.

A nice tale of the power of positive thinking and how it can be used to make a bad person better.

9. I LOVE YOU MORE – (2014)

I love you more is an interesting psychological drama by director Kevin Sloan. It is his first feature short despite having been in the industry for years. His most notable claim to fame was working on the special effects for the Knightrider movie.

I Love You More tells the tale of a young couple who believe that their love is greater than anyone else’s. Despite this claim, it is not long before things start turning sour.

10. Cindy’s New Boyfriend by Robert Brinkmann (2015)

Actor Robert Brinkmann decides to scare off the new boyfriend of his friend’s ex. He decides to take on the character of a past role as a tough guy to really make sure the guy gets the message. The only problem is the guy turns out to be a real life gangster who doesn’t scare so easily.