We composed top 50 highest grossing films of all time by using worldwide box office numbers. These top movies at the box office include many films that are frequently listed as the best movies of all time as well.

Do you think a film with a very high box office number qualifies to be a good film automatically?

This is not quite the thing. For example, checking top rated 100 films on IMDB, none of top 10 are in the top 50
highest grossing films list.

That is kind of expected. Although there is a relationship between a film’s success at the box office and its quality, the biggest power for the box office comes from the marketing power of the film rather than film’s cinematic value. This means, the amount of money that is invested to introduce the film to audience is quite crucial for the box office.

There is two recent films climbing in the box office list rapidly. Star Wars: The Last Jedi (10) and Black Panther (11). But still they are far from to be on the top three.

Do you see any film can have potential to proceed till top 3 in the upcoming years?

That is hard to guess. But let’s look at these films that achieved generating the highest ticket revenues.


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