It is amazing just how fast time flies.

The great news is that as another weekend approaches, has lots more great new releases for you to curl up in bed to enjoy.

But before we reveal this week’s new film releases we just want to introduce you to our latest rollout,’s brand new AI-driven technology that allows us to give the best movie recommendations of any video on demand platform out there.’s New Movie Recipe Software

If you are a member of then you will certainly have noticed the new popup box that has appeared recently. When you log into the site we are asking you to help us make your moviegoing experience with even better.

In order to help learn your exact movie tastes we have created a simple, 1-minute test for you to complete. This test is not obligatory and can be done at any time. So don’t worry if you don’t have the time when you see the pop-up box appear, simply close it and we will remind you another time.

If you do have the time then click the “Start 1min Test” and the test will begin.


  1. Tell your five favorite films?
  2. Which movie do you like the most? Pick one of the three selected movies you see on the screen?
  3. Tell five films that you don’t like?
  4. Which film do you like less? Pick the film that you most dislike.

And that’s it. You’re Done!

What’s Next?

After you have completed the test, will analyze your tastes and show you a breakdown like this:

As you can see, the pie charts give a complete breakdown of your movie tastes. This understanding of what you like allows to tailor your movie recommendations to what you enjoy watching.

This helps ensure that our members are always watching the films that they love to see.

New Releases on

FOREIGN (2018)

Director: Timothy Ross


3 min – Action, Drama

It is not often that a film succeeds in making us feel sorry for a lawyer. However, this powerful work from director Timothy Ross succeeds where many others have failed.

The film tells the story of a lawyer who becomes a victim of discrimination, simply because of his middle-eastern roots. This powerful 3 minute short is able to strikingly capture the problems of a society that has yet to come to terms with the modern world.


Director: Michael Kofsky & Dani Alvarado


16 min – Adventure, Comedy, Drama

After finishing a promotional gig in Las Vegas, two actresses are surprised to find themselves forced to come to terms with their lives.

Jocelyn and Chris feel frustrated at the stagnation and emptiness of where their careers have ended up. Their dreams quashed, they have accepted roles in promotional gigs to pay the bills.

In what becomes a night where both women are forced to examine themselves in a deeper way, we the audience get to laugh, cry, and feel touched by this brave film.


Director: Jonas Trukanas


15 min – Comedy, Fantasy, Superhero

This hilarious comedy is the perfect weekend watch for those of you who love to laugh their weekend away. Trolleybus-Man is a film that is simply hard to explain.

A self-appointed superhero has taken it upon himself to save trolleybuses from harm. After the Vilnius Trolleybus Park is sold to a man who wants to get rid of them, Trolleybus-Man leaps into action to action to save the day and keep his city a safe place for Trolleybuses.

This fantastic, oddball work has to be one of our top choices for the week.


Director: Sam Bradford

United Kingdom

8 min – Drama, War

We have become accustomed to thinking of war films as all blood and explosions. Edelweiss is one that bucks the trend by offering us a different perspective on war.

The film tells the tale of a young nurse who saves the life of a WW2 hostage. After he is then taken away for interrogation, the nurse must deal with her conflicting emotions arising from the fact that she realizes that she might have saved his life in vain.


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