The same way in the second article, maybe at the entrance you can mention how LargoAI is powerful at finding unique recipes of the scripts and how well the director can connect with this script to create a successful film

Given that last year was a particularly terrible year for movies, there are lots of candidates for the worst director of 2018.

While very few of these directors would even make the short list for the worst director of all time, their efforts last year ensure that I they make it to this list.

Quite shockingly, some of these directors have actually made or scripted good movies in the past.

Many of the movies feature a list of actors who took a break away from making higher quality movies to make these turkeys.

Let’s hope for all concerned that these awful films were just a one-off.

However, the purpose of this article is not to name and shame these directors but rather highlight how the implementation of LargoAi big data analytics software could have prevented these movies from being so terrible.

What is LargoAI?

LargoAI is a sophisticated big data analytics software solution that was created by Largo.

Comprising of over 4,000 lines of code, LargoAI was developed to help filmmakers identify the strengths and weaknesses of their films. This can be done as early as the script phase or from any cut of the movie.

By comparing a script or film with a huge movie data set, which includes everything from movies and their final box office gross, to audience feedback on past films, LargoAI can accurately predict how well a movie will satisfy audiences and perform at the box office.

In essence, LargoAI breaks a movie down into its ingredients and identifies the strengths and weaknesses or each part and therefore the movie as a whole.

From this movie recipe, LargoAI is able to compare the performance of past films to give an accurate appraisal.

If you would like to learn more about LargoAI then contact Largo today and request a demo.

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Tony Leondis

The Emoji Movie has won numerous awards for the worst picture of 2018.

The film won the 38th annual Razzie awards in four categories which included the Worst Picture, Worst Screenplay, Worst Director and Worst Cameo for Tony Leondis.

Data analytics would have identified weaknesses in the script as well as the inappropriateness of director Tony Leondis for the position.

Specifically, it would have demanded numerous segments of the script, including the ending, to have been rewritten to improve audience appeal.

Etan Cohen

Coming in a close second place, Etan Cohen for his appalling movie Holmes & Watson.

An American version of the famous Sherlock Holmes saga starring Will Ferrell and John C Reilly, the film barely raise a laugh throughout its 1 hour 30-minute runtime.

Given Will Ferrell’s usual ability to get audiences roaring with laughter, the film’s almost complete absence of humorous moments was blamed on director Etan Cohen.

If big data analytics had analyzed this movie, it would have quickly identified the lack of laughs generated from the jokes.

It would have suggested huge script rewrites in order to make the jokes funnier and more appropriate.

Kevin Connolly

There was a phenomenal amount of hype surrounding the 2018 release of the film Gotti.

Despite only gaining fame in the late 1980s, Mafia Don John Gotti has had a series of movie adaptations about his life.

This one, which stared John Travolta as Gotti was touted as being potentially one of the best films of the year, thanks to its rich potential subject matter.

However, audiences were in for a huge disappointment when the film turned out to be almost totally dreadful. Even Travolta’s performance as Gotti was regarded as a failure.

Big data would have identified the unsatisfactory performance by Travolta as well as the weaknesses in the plot.

James Foley

When it comes to abominable sequels it is hard to beat Fifty Shades Freed.

Given the relatively poor quality of the second Fifty Shades movie, fans were not perhaps as disappointed as were fans of the Godfather movies when the third one turned out to be terrible.

Fifty Shades Freed was so appalling that even the promise of some erotic sex scenes wasn’t enough to keep audiences in the cinema until the end.

It is possible that big data would have forbidden this film to have been made altogether.

Big data would have identified audience dissatisfaction with the second movie and highlighted the fact that they were leaked unlikely to want to see the third one altogether.

Roel Reiné

Roel Reiné’s Redbad should be locked in an unopenable box and thrown into an active volcano. The film is so bad even diehard fantasy movie lovers walked out after just 30 minutes.

It was sad to see an actor as talented as Jonathan Banks being humiliated in such a mediocre fantasy flick.

So far is the plot goes, we have to confess to not having seen enough of the movie to tell you what it was actually about.

This is another movie that probably would have been vetoed at the script phase.

The film’s total lack of originality and interesting characters would have led to big data analytics predicting a loss of revenue for this movie and vetoing its production.

Brian Henson

The Happytime Murders has managed to rock up to one of the worst ever user feedback scores on the movie review site Rotten Tomatoes.

Scoring just 23% and receiving an audience feedback score of just 40%, this humorous comedy actually frustrates and annoys more than it entertains.

A horrendous flop from legendary filmmaker Brian Henson of Muppets fame, anyone thinking of watching this film would be better spending their time watching water evaporate.

The Spierig Brothers

The only film on this list manage to score less than the happy time murders is Winchester. This abomination managed to get a feedback score of 14% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Meant to be a horror film, audiences spent more of their time feeling like they were having a lobotomy then actually being scared.

It seems like The Spierig Brothers have decided to cash in on their early movie successes to make movies for money rather than for art’s sake.

There is little worth mentioning about Winchester other than stating that for the budget, several other movies of worth could be have been made.

Michael Bay / Transformers: The Last Knight

Michael Bay is widely regarded as one of the worst filmmakers who’ve ever lived.

With the exception of The Rock, he has made nothing but laughable action movies.

His appalling Pearl Harbor, starring Ben Affleck, was so abominable that it has been mocked in media ever since.

The creators of South Park actually created a love melody montage with music that commented on just how appalling Pearl Harbor was.

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James Franco, Bruce Thierry Cheung

The IMDB plot outline for Future World reads simply “A young boy searches a future world wasteland for a rumored cure for his dying mother.”

The fact that over its one hour thirty runtime, the film is not able to expand on this simple synopsis shows just how poor this movie really is.

Big data analytics could have easily stop this catastrophe of a movie by reviewing the script and red flagging the huge lack of plot development.

Dinesh D’Souza

How does this sound for promising docu-movie?

A comparison between the presidency of America’s most popular President Abraham Lincoln and one of its least popular, Donald Trump.

Sadly, this movie fails to live on any of his promises. Audiences were particularly frustrated by the performance from writer/director Dinesh D’Souza.

The film lacked any original approach and also failed to involve the audience in the subject matter.

Once again, big data analytics could have identified the weak plot points in this movie as well as the lack of suitability of D’Souza.

It would have suggested changes that could have led this film to live up to the promise of its subject matter.