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In a Month

The dull tension in this film is utterly captivating. An extremely well accomplished piece of short film that is as much a piece of art as it is a piece of storytelling, looking at human nature and mentality in extreme conditions.


An interesting look at mental health through art. The lead portrays his struggle through nuance rather than dialogue admirably along with immersive visuals which works well to convey the message of the film.

Chill and Shivering

An excellent use of dark, almost nior like animation. There is an innocence to it that juxtaposes the building tension. Wholly original and incredibly well crafted.


The slow burning tension of Bomberman is what makes it so compelling to watch. To watch the lead slowly progress to the climax makes for a fascinating experience. Excellent performances and direction/production quality.

Dinner Guest

Everyone has a reason for their behaviour and everyone reacts differently to situations. Dinner Guest explores this in the context of a break-in, but also looks at personal strength and strength of character in a compelling and unique scenario.


A gloriously dramatic piece of animation that captivates the imagination. Beautifully created wit a perfect relationship between visuals and music creating a cinematic piece of short film.

My Father Says The Stupidest Things

Love, seen through the eyes of a cashier at a supermarket. A compelling viewpoint from someone who sees every kind of person on a daily basis, but we also get a glimpse into his soul and his desires and thoughts on love. An uncomplicated premise that deals with complicated thoughts and emotions well.

Goodbye, mister D

A little long for a monologue but the imagery used to break it up and the mix of shots make it less monotonous. An interesting concept that looks at society and the people within it.

Here, the planes (or how I experience war)

Produced with an intense grit, Here, The Planes is a masterclass in how to produce a simple yet effective tense drama. Utilising sound effects to create danger and conflict, and excellent performances to create emotion.

Psychology of a Pressure Cooker

Pretty topical in todays society, yet with an original premise that sets it apart from other films about terrorism. Emotional and tense, the film holds the audiences attention throughout.


A funny and disturbing look at how the monotony of life can bring you down. With witty dialogue and excellent direction, the performances are excellent.

Duck Soup

A delightful animation with a simple yet engaging narrative. Wonderfully animated, with strong use of music to help pace.

The Weekend

The Weekend is unassuming when it starts but as we begin to learn about these characters and their lives the emotion begins to ramp up and we are thrown into their turmoil, their fear, anxiety, despair, love, hate. IT's all explored within this short film. Strong performances emphasise well developed dialogue and narrative.

Don't Think About It

Tensions run high in this relationship drama. The female lead portrays her angry disdain well, despite some on the nose dialogue. Overall its an intense look into a struggling relationship.


Bonk! is such a wonderful little film. A basic premise that delivers a big laugh at the end in a twist that is unexpected. Wonderfully executed with great performances.


A unique idea delivered in a unique way utilising only one long shot. A clever feat of production and direction that felt simplistic and yet is so effective. A beautiful score only works to enhance the atmosphere of the film.

Telling a You

Sometimes a seemingly bland moment can stay with you forever. Telling A You remembers one of those moments in intricate, loving detail. Its seemingly simple and straightforward but the sentiment is huge. An upbeat and beautiful film about love, however fleeting or lasting.


An incredibly atmospheric and affecting short film that highlights a beautiful relationship between mother and son. The relationship between the two is truly tangible and it is this that keeps the audience invested.

The Dress on Her

Intrigue and mystery are the name of the game in The Dress on Her as the two young female leads move closer and closer to finding out their teachers secret. A well constructed narrative which is delivered beautifully by the young leads and keeps the audience engaged throughout.

Eat me!

An interesting and original premise with an interesting and original delivery. Using a black and white colouring really makes the food stand out, and emphasises the message of the film. Performances are entertaining and the film is a unique experience.

Going Home

An interesting narrative that is well developed with excellent dialogue. Strong performances and well executed direction and production make for an intriguing watch.

My Man ( Octopus )

Delightfully retro in its almost 'hand drawn' animation, My Man (Octopus) is a wondrous juxtaposition between depression narrative and beautiful animation. An excellent use of sound and music that doesn't overpower the film but adds to the desolation.

Theatrum Magicum

A visual spectacular. For a short film the production quality, costuming and make-up are outstanding. Delectable in its presentation and sumptuous in its performances Theatrum Magicum is glorious even without (or maybe because there is no) dialogue. Utterly captivating.

Intruder Man

A remarkable piece of animation that eloquently deals with two separate timelines, yet deals with them both with sensitivity and honesty. The use of song to deliver dialogue seems to add to the vulnerability of the character and the animation adds an innocence to it that's endearing.


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