You have done the research and now understand the huge potential of data-driven moviemaking. The question is now, ‘how can I implement big data analytics into my movie project?’

Well, while the idea of breaking with the norm and enlisting the services of a specialist big data analytics company like Largo might be daunting, the process is actually far easier than you can imagine.

In this article, we are going to examine how you can implement data-driven moviemaking into your project.

Let’s start.

Data-driven Moviemaking: An Overview

Data-driven moviemaking is the term given to the application of big data analytics to film.

Only recently have companies such as Largo developed the kind of sophisticated computer algorithms that make this exciting new science possible.

If you wish to learn exactly what this new technology is all about, you can read my article “Big Data Analytics And Movie Making”.

In essence, data-driven moviemaking allows specialist programs to identify patterns or trends in data pools, which can then be used to make predictions on such things as movie gross, audience satisfaction, etc.

While this exciting new technology is still in its infancy, it promises to change the way that movies are made and marketed.


Implementing Data-driven Moviemaking Into Your Project

Step one: Find the right company

As with any project, outside help is always an invaluable source of perspective.

However, it also can cause problems when trying to fit this new perspective into your existing processes.

With movies, the creative element is naturally resistant to having input or feedback regarding their decisions.

Because of the potential difficulties and clashes that this can cause, finding the best data-driven moviemaking company is essential.

This is why, we at Largo, understand the importance of the approach that our specialists take when working with client filmmakers.

Our specialists are always careful to adopt the best working relationship as well as ensuring that their manner always is one of a helper who is suggesting improvements.

Making sure you get the right data-driven moviemaking company is essential to the overall success of the collaboration.

It is for this reason that it is worth doing your homework to ensure that you find the best one.

Sign Up And Get Started

Once you are happy, then the next process is to sign a contract with the company you have chosen.

This contract should include client privacy clauses whereby the data-driven moviemaking company ensures that they will not share any aspect of your project’s ideas with anyone else. This will protect your project.

The contract should also include stipulations regarding the work required, the direction of the collaboration, as well as termination agreements.

Once the contract is signed, your new data-driven moviemaking company should spring into action.

When To Engage Your Data-driven Moviemaking Company

To ensure the best service from your data-driven moviemaking company, you should engage them as early as possible during the project.

While this will be more expensive, engaging a company such as Largo as early as the script phase will ensure that your final movie achieves maximum audience satisfaction.

So once you have a completed draft or final version of the script, the ideal situation is to engage your data-driven moviemaking company in order to allow them to analyze the script to identify any possible changes.


Companies such as Largo can analyze a script on a scene by scene basis to identify the strengths and weaknesses. Our specialists will then provide actionable insights regarding any changes that need to be made.

If you are don’t have the budget to engage the company during the script phase then you may do so at any stage during the movie production.

Largo can analyze a script, individual film scenes, or even the final cut of a movie in order to suggest changes.

Naturally, the later in the production phase that the company is engaged, the fewer of its insights are going to be actionable without having to refilm entire scenes.

For those companies that don’t wish to receive content suggestions from Largo, they can still request other insights such as predicted gross by region as well as target marketing advice.

Working Side By Side To Ensure A Better Movie

One Largo engineers are assigned to a specific project, they will continue with that project throughout its duration.

At each stage, Largo specialists will support the production by undertaking data analysis of completed scenes and other aspects of the production that have been requested by the filmmakers.

Once they have collected the data from our sophisticated data analytic software Largo AI, they will provide the filmmakers with detailed reports of the results, included any suggested changes.

It’s A Wrap

Even though the process is over and the movie is complete, Largo will continue to monitor the project by undertaking a full review that includes analyzing the revenue generated by the movie by region.

Not only does this help us to improve the service that Largo offers future customers, but also helps us to improve our computer algorithm to ensure better and more accurate predictions in the future.

If you are interested in engaging a data-driven moviemaking company, contact Largo for a free demo.