The great news for all short films lovers is that has just been awarded a CHF 100,000 seed loan to further develop our business.

The Foundation Pour L’Innovation is a Swiss organization that aims to support startup companies that are based in Switzerland. Each period, the foundation grants CHF 400,000 to 4 promising new startups with the aim of helping them further develop their companies. (Tramadol)

Why is this great news for short film fans everywhere? is a live streaming site that is dedicated solely to short films of 40 minutes or less. Our content is comprised of 100% short movies and nothing else (and with no annoying ads either). Our ever-growing catalog of more than 300 films includes numerous award-winning shorts, representing the best movies that the industry has to offer.

Why is such a revolution?

In its press release, the FIT stated that is “a novel streaming platform for short films (designed around) innovative features to increase the engagement of audience.” was developed by Largo Films as a video on-demand platform to give the whole world access to short films. It is revolutionary in two main ways:

  1. Financially rewards filmmakers for their hard work.

For far too long now, short filmmakers have had to struggle to get funding for their films. Often, this process has taken years and been arduous to say the least. To add insult to injury, filmmakers then found that they were unable to get distribution and therefore to monetize their films. This cycle continued for decades.

The advent of the internet and video streaming sites such as YouTube and Netflix finally provided a light at the end of the tunnel. The problem was that these sites paid little attention to the short film industry. While it is possible to monetize popular short films in specialist topics such as cooking or travel etc. the feature film short was once again left behind. was set up by a group of passionate short filmmakers that included short film director Sami Arpa. Understanding fully the problems that short filmmakers face, this group decided to reward artists financially whenever members watch their films.

This is a win-win cycle where filmmakers get money to make more films, meaning audiences can enjoy even more great shorts that might not have been made otherwise.

  1. Bringing Innovation To Short Film Viewing is the SpaceX of short film platforms. It is crammed with innovative new technology that actually allows the site’s sophisticated AI to target specific movie recommendations for each individual member.

The more our users watch films on our site, the more our recommendation algorithm learns.

This sophisticated piece of software is actually able to breakdown each film and analyze it for comedy value, horror, drama, etc. As our site recognizes that a particular viewer, let’s say, for example, likes to watch films with 80% comedy and 20% horror, it will begin recommending the best matches for them to view.

This is great news for film lovers, who can now spend more time actually watching the kinds of films they love rather than searching for them.

Increasing Innovation will use the money to further enhance the revolutionary features on its site. Who knows, with such a generous cash injection, maybe one day the platform will actually be able to order popcorn for you while you watch your movies. Now wouldn’t that be great!

From all the creators of, we want to say a big thanks to the FIT for recognizing the value of our platform and giving us such generous support.

If you want to join the revolution then head to our site now and subscribe.


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