The 2018 Locarno Film Festival promises to be a major event on this year’s international film festival calendar. This year will also mark another milestone for the event., the world’s premier short film streaming site will be present to mark the launch of a brand new technology for its platform.

Long before’s official launch during this year’s Cannes Film Festival, the team behind the revolution was working tirelessly to ensure its viewers got the best user experience ever. The site already incorporates several innovative features that can’t be found on any other site in the world.

Now, is ready to add more.

What? You haven’t heard of is a brand new video streaming site that is specifically dedicated to short films. The site is the brainchild of a group of passionate short movie lovers who came up with a revolutionary way to solve the short film distribution problem.

Inspired by the success of platforms such as Netflix and YouTube, they decided to create an entirely new site to allow film lovers from all over the world access to these films. The result was to be

Sofy’s stand at Locarno film festival

For a small monthly subscription, or by choosing to pay per view, users can quickly access the site’s fast growing (300+) catalog of movies.  The great thing about is that the site actually rewards the film’s makers each time their film is watched too.

I coined the term “The Revolution” to capture what this exciting new distribution platform means to the short film industry.

By finally allowing global audience’s access to the short films they have wanted to see for so long, while at the same time finally giving filmmakers the chance to get financial rewards when people watch their films, is truly revolutionary.

So, if you have not already done so, it’s time to join the revolution. At The Cutting Edge Of New Development will be present at this year’s Locarno Film Festival to launch a new technology that has been more than two years in the making.

Unlike most other platforms, can genuinely claim to have teams of scientist helping with its development. It has a strong collaboration with the Image and Visual Representation Lab at EPFL, which has recently been ranked as being one of the leading technology universities in the world.

This collaboration has already led to incorporating several revolutionary features into its platform. Much of the technology underlying the site’s search and rating features was created specifically for the site. This gives even more depth to my claim of being truly revolutionary.

CEO Sami Arpa at Locarno film festival

AI Driven Film Learning

The platform can, at last, reveal that it has been developing the world’s most sophisticated technology which  can actually understand what movies are made of. This high-level film understanding technique is better than any other algorithm in the world and works by identifying what the actual ‘ingredients’ of a particular film are.

This sophisticated AI tool analyses each scene in a film to come up with a detailed profile of the movie.

Sound simple? Well, trust us it is not. Just imagine trying to guess what a chef is going to cook just by looking at the ingredients. This is why it has taken some of the finest minds in the world years to perfect this software.

How Will This Benefit The Viewer?

By understanding the ingredients of a film, will be able to automatically provide its users with the most accurate film recommendations ever.

Sofy’s offer pamphlet.

One of the most common complaints by Netflix users, for example, is that the site fails to give accurate film suggestions. This is a huge drawback to viewers who don’t have the time to spend searching for films to watch but rather rely on the platform to suggest movies that they might like.

Well, can finally solve this problem. Not only will the site provide far more accurate movie suggestions than industry leader Netflix, the monthly subscription is cheaper too.

Comedy If You Like Comedies, Thriller If You Like Thrillers

If you are someone who loves to brighten up your evenings with great comedy shorts, then’s advanced artificial intelligence will be able to tell this from the choices that you make.

The great thing about this software is the more you use the platform, the more it learns. This means that the movie suggestions that it makes for you will only get better and better.

So what if you are picky about the kinds of films you watch?

If you are someone who, for example, likes a mixture of comedy with other elements such as romance or horror,’s advanced algorithms will still be able to accurately predict the kinds of films you might enjoy.

So, no matter what your tastes might be, it is able to accurately identify what films you like to watch. Once it has this information, it simply checks which of’s 250+ movies will be most suitable for your tastes and then displays them in your recommendations.

Remember how you always ask friends for film recommendations? Well, those days are about to become a thing of the past thanks to

The revolution continues…


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