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This week, is proud to announce the release of two new award-winning movies.

  1. The Weekend (2016)

20min – Short, Drama

Release Date: 28 April 2016 (USA)

It is the mark of a true artist to be able to write, star, edit, and direct a movie. This feat was achieved by Dennis Cahlo, who managed to do all of these things to bring his first short film to life in 2016. While Cahlo already had some experience in acting, with a brief appearance as a wedding guest in the TV series The Actress, he had never written or directed before.

His first short film, The Weekend, is the story about two strangers who meet while seeking somewhere to be alone. While sitting on a park bench, a lonely guy is offered some free cake by a passing girl. The pair begins talking and end up going back to his apartment together.

Soon after arriving home, the guy discovers the girl’s dark secret. Faced with a tough decision, he agrees to let her stay for the weekend. Little does he know that this weekend will be the time he is forced to come face to face with his troubles as the girl confides her story to him.

The Weekend won a slew of awards throughout the 2016/2017 international film festival season. In total the film would win 21 awards and gain a further 17 nominations.

Notable Awards included:

Accolade Competition 2016

Award of Excellence – Dennis Cahlo

Auckland International Film Festival – Festival Award – Best Actress Danielle Guldin

Hollywood Film Competition – Award of Excellence – Best Director – Dennis Cahlo

Best Short Film – Dennis Cahlo (director)

Best Shorts Competition – Award of Excellence – Dennis Cahlo

Largo Film Awards – August Award – Best Short Film – Dennis Cahlo (director)

Canada Shorts Film Festival – Award of Excellence – Dennis Cahlo (director)

Chain NYC Film Festival – NYC Chain Film Festival Award -Best Actress in a Short Film

Danielle Guldin

Direct Monthly Online Film Festival  – June Award – Best Director Dennis Cahlo (director)

Festigious International Film Festival 2016 –  Jury Prize – Honorable Mention: First Time Director


  1. Eat Me! (2016)

22min – Short, Drama, Musical

It warms the heart to see a filmmaker’s dreams come true. Writer/director Ilina Perianova took to Kickstarter to launch a campaign to get her fourth short film funded. She set her funding goal at £5,300 and managed to get 68 generous backers to give just enough to meet her goal. In fact, she ended up receiving £5,305 in total to make “Eat Me”.

The film is a wonderfully imaginative piece that delves in and out of surrealism. A rather simple plot about a beautiful woman going on a dinner date is transformed into a hilarious movie that deserved far more critical praise than the mere two awards it won.

As the beautiful woman sits eating her dinner, she is amazed to see that her food comes alive and begins doing a song and dance numbers. It is hard to hold back the laughter as pieces of food begin to sing about the unfair treatment that they receive.

Director Ilina Perianova uses this humorous approach to deal with important topics such as food waste, how food is produced, and how it affects our health.

It is incredible that Perianova was able to make such a rich visual film on such a small budget. She is an incredible talent that deserves the chance to realize more of her creative visions.

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