Big data is going to change the way we watch movies. Everything from how films are marketed to the content will be determined by big data analytics in the future.

In order to honor this shift in how films are made and distributed, we have put together a list of the best 10 movies with big data themes.

1. Ex Machina

Ex Machina is a movie about artificial intelligence.  The story is about Caleb Smith, a programmer, who wins an office contest. The price is a one week stay in the house of the CEO, Nathan Bateman.  He soon discovers that Nathan has made a female humanoid robot named Ava.

Bateman wants to test Ava’s intelligence, and he wants Caleb to judge it.  As time goes by Caleb becomes attracted to Ava and Ava also develops the same feelings too.  Their relationship grows until one day Ava tells Caleb that Nathan is not to be trusted.

They plan an escape from Nathan’s house which is full of security.  Nathan soon learns about their plan and tells Caleb that Ava is just manipulating him. Caleb chooses to believe Ava and help her escape, but in the end, Nathan discovers he was right all along.

2. I, Robot

I, Robot is another movie about artificial intelligence.  The main character is Detective Del Spooner, played by Will Smith.  One day, he is nearly killed but is saved by a robot.

Soon after, Spooner’s friend Lanning commits suicide by jumping from his office window.  Spooner suspects that foul play is at work so decides to investigate.  He believes that a robot killed his friend and so embarks on a journey that will shock and surprise him at every turn.

3. Minority Report

Minority Report is the story of a police officer who is accused of a future murder.  He is part of a specialized police unit that uses technology to see into the future to identify crimes before they have happened. The team has managed to lower the crime rate to zero by using this method of precrime identification.

Chief of PreCrime John Anderton, finds himself accused of the future murder of Leo Crow, which takes place in 36 hours from the time he is accused.  He does not Crow, so he flees and is hunted by the special police unit.

4. 21

21 is based on the true story about six MIT students who are experts in card counting. They decide to head to Las Vegas and gamble for millions of dollars.

After MIT student, Ben Campbell, finds he is unable to afford his tuition fees, he meets a professor, Micky Rosa, who asks him to join his blackjack team.  Here he learns how to count cards to win at blackjack.

What follows is a risky endeavor as the team plays for keeps in Las Vegas.

5. The Imitation Game

Alan Turing tries to crack the German enigma during World War II to help the British government.

His efforts will help win the war for the Allies, the only problem is, will he be able to achieve such a difficult task?

6. Her

The movie Her is about a writer, Theodore Twombly, who writes for people who cannot write for themselves.  Despite him helping people find love, he is very lonely and depressed.

One day he decides to buy an operating system that is designed to adapt and evolve via artificial intelligence.  His new AI is called Samantha.  Samantha and Theodore develop a romantic relationship but, in the end, something is still missing.

7. Live Free or Die Hard

The computer in the FBI cybercrime division is hacked and so the director decides to arrest all the hackers capable of undertaking such a feat.

They ask the New York City Police Department to help. John McClane is assigned to bring in a hacker named Matthew Farrell.  McLane arrives at Farrell’s house in time to save Farell from death.  McClane and Farrell agree to work together to bring down a data scientist hacker, named Gabriel. (Valium)

8. War Games

The War Games is a movie about a young man who is a professional hacker. After he hacks his school website just to change his grades, he decides to hack a military central computer and begin what he thinks is a game.

However, in reality, the computer believes it is a real situation and begins to fight back, potentially starting World War III.

9. Moneyball

Moneyball is based on a true story.  Brad Pitt plays Billy Beane, the general manager of Oakland Athletics.  After his team loses to the New York Yankees during the 2001 American League Division Series, he decides to gather together a team that will win the 2002 competition.

During a scouting session, he meets a guy named Peter Brand who graduated from Yale with a degree in economics.  Peter Brand assists him in choosing the new players according to his big data model.

What follows is nothing short of a miracle, as the new team wins 20 games back-to-back.

10. A Beautiful Mind

A Beautiful Mind is a movie based on the real-life story of John Nash.

John Nash was a recipient of a scholarship for mathematics.  He had a promising career ahead of him and publishes an article regarding a new theory on dynamics.  He finds himself invited to work in the Pentagon cracking codes made by the enemies of the USA.

Sadly, Nash begins to develop mental problems where he becomes obsessed that he is being pursued by unknown enemies. The question becomes, will Nash be able to come to terms with his paranoia?


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