Here at Largo, we are mad about Big Data Analytica.

In fact, big data forms the backbone of our company.

Without it, data-driven movie making would simply not be possible.

To date, we have analyzed the data from over 200,000 movies and counting in order to maximize the accuracy of our predictions.

With every new movie data set that we analyze, our sophisticated AI big data analytica program, LargoAI gains a deeper perspective of the industry and audience preferences.

This knowledge allows LargoAI to predict everything from accurate future film grosses to how suitable a particular actor or actress might be for a roll.

Such predictions allow Largo to empower filmmakers and production companies with valuable insight that allows them to better plan and ensure the success of their movies.

While there is naturally some resistance to data-driven filmmaking from filmmakers on artistic integrity grounds, the reality is that by empowering these very filmmakers with the tools to to ensure success, we are building a more healthy movie industry.

To pay homage to all the hard work that has gone into developing big data analytics software, this article will highlight 5 big data analytica success stories that have helped change the world we live in.

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1. Largo

LargoAI Has been in development for several years.

The big data analytics technology used in LargoAI was first implemented in Largo’s dedicated short film on-demand site, where it powered the sites revolutionary new movie recommendation system.

Shortly after, Largo officially launched LargoAI as a tool to allow filmmakers all over the globe access to actionable insights that will help them make their movies a commercial success.

One of the services offered by Largo is gross revenue prediction.


Since offering this service, Largo has seen all its hard work repaid as LargoAI has proven incredibly accurate in its gross predictions.

The most obvious success story was LargoAI’s gross prediction for the Sony Entertainment film “Venom”. Largo predicted a final gross of $201 million when the film went on to gross $213 million.

We are now so confident with the accuracy of our movie predictions that we are putting our money where our mouth’s are by making our predictions on our Largo YouTube channel for all to see.

2. Netflix

Industry pundits have attributed a large part of Netflix’s success to its movie recommendation system.

Much like our own, Netflix’s movie recommendation system relies heavily on the analysis of user patterns and preferences.

This big data analytics set allows Netflix’s movie recommendation system to identify the preferences and dislikes of its users.

Thanks to the accuracy of the Netflix system, user satisfaction on the platform is incredibly high. This is led to it amassing over 60 million users worldwide and it recently becoming a TV and movie studio in its own right.

With so much of its success old to big data analytics, Netflix is a prime example of a big data analytics success story.

3. Amazon

Big data analytics is the foundation of nearly all of success.

Its founder and CEO, Jeff Bezos, is now the richest man in the world thanks to the company’s success at using and extrapolating trends and patterns from its data.

Many people are not aware but The Amazon marketplace only accounts for a small amount of the company’s revenue. Its marketplace is incredibly dependent on big data analytics for such services as its product recommendation system as well as services such as Amazon Prime.

The majority of Amazon’s revenue comes from its cloud services which are offered under the name Amazon Web Service or AWS.

A huge proportion of the services offered by AWS rely on big data analytics to help everything from marketing to improving the products and tools that are offered.

Amazon is another example of a company that has built its success on big data analytics.

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4. Food Panda

There’s nothing better for those lazy nights at home knowing that you can simply pull up your Food Panda app an order a delicious meal.

Food panda one of the biggest food delivery apps and owes a large portion of its success to big data analytics.

The company uses analytics to understand its user’s behavior better so that it’s food recommendation system can be as accurate as possible. After all, if you are too tired to cook your own food then it is unlikely that you will want to look through thousands of restaurants to find what you are looking for.

Thankfully, the company’s big data analytics has helped uses get only the most relevant recommendations to ensure that they get the meal that they want.

5. Marriott Hotels

The Marriott hotel chain Is another huge big data success story.

While the company has been around for quite a long time it has recently moved into using big data analytics to improve all aspects of its service.

One of the primary drivers of its recent growth has been the use of big data analytics to profile its customers as well as to reach new customers.

By understanding exactly who the kinds of people are that are staying at its hotels, the company’s marketing division has been able to successfully launch a range of targeted advertisements and advertising campaigns that have brought in a flurry of new customers.

To reward existing customers, it has used profiling to improve everything from the services it offers in his existing hotels to the customer reward schemes that it offers clients.

Once again, big data analytics has proved a powerful tool for ensuring a company’s success.

If you are a filmmaker who was interested in data-driven movie making then contact Largo to find out how we can help.

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