Thanks to our unique artificial intelligence program that we call LargoAI, we are able to help filmmakers improve their movies.

At Largo, we pride ourselves on the accuracy of our predictions an recommendations.

To date, we have achieved a gross revenue prediction accuracy of 86%.

We have already worked with some major studios that include Sony Entertainment, in order to provide gross predictions for soon to be released movies.

It took our team of data engineers years of hard work to create Largo and to refine it into a highly accurate big data analytics tool.

However, all of this hard work would be meaningless were it not for the access we have to the datasets that LargoAI requires to provide accurate predictions and recommendations.

If you were wondering what datasets can help to make movies better then here is our list of the most important ones.

Past Movie Gross

The most popular data-driven moviemaking service required by Largo’s clients is movie gross prediction.

The reasons for this popularity are obvious since they allow movies that are either about to enter production or in production and soon to be released to have an accurate prediction of box office gross.

Such a prediction can help movie production companies to accurately budget their films and also to understand how they will perform financially. one key element to this information is the power that it gives production companies to avoid box office failure as well as boosting potential revenues.


A data set that LargoAI relies on to make such predictions is the gross income of past movies.

By comparing the subject movie with similar films and their performance from the past in certain geographical regions, LargoAI can accurately establish a predict if gross range.

LargoAI how is currently achieved an 86% accuracy for gross revenue that falls within the margins predicted by it.

Excitingly, the program is set to become increasingly more accurate as it gains more and more data in the future.

In-house Data Analysis Of Past Movie ‘Recipes’

LargoAI owes an enormous amount of its success to in-house data analysis that has been conducted by our team of data specialists.

The program has already analyzed some 20,000 movies on counting. This has allowed LargoAI to become enormously refined and accurate.

By comparing clients’ movies to our ever-growing databank, we are able to accurately predict everything from film gross to the strengths and weaknesses of individual scenes in the movie.

Once again, the more movies that Largo AI analyzes, the larger the data set and therefore the accuracy of its predictions.

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Movie Reviews And Feedback

When it comes to predicting which parts of a movie that audiences will like or dislike, past movie reviews and feedback of other films are a very helpful data set.

Understanding, for example, how audiences responded to the ending of James Cameron’s Titanic will allow LargoAI to accurately suggest changes to similar movies.

Should a movie production company wish to increase the profitability of its film, LargoAI might suggest that the filmmakers change the ending so that it is a happy one, for example.

While this may anger certain die, hard filmmakers, the popularity of mainstream movies versus more art house films on the platform Netflix, as shown audiences’ preferences for easygoing movies that have a happy ending.

With access to pass new reviews and feedback, Largo AI can accurately predict changes based on audiences pass preferences.

Genre And Plot Information

Another very helpful data set for LargoAI is genre and plot information.

Largo AI it’s a sophisticated data analytics program that is able to analyze the ingredients or recipe of a movie.

It works by analyzing a movie scene by scene and breaking down each one into a ratio of genres. from this information, LargoAI is able to build up a detailed picture of exactly what a movie is about.

From this data, it can then compare the subject movie too very similar movies from the past. this allows Largo AI to accurately predict everything from movie gross to suggested changes to the film.

Cast And Movie Crew

One area of movie production that has been shown to be able to greatly improve the chances of success of a movie is casting.

The Hollywood star system developed out of an audience is the preference to see their favorite actors and actresses in a movie.

However, the system is also proved that actors that have been miscast in a role can have a damaging effect on the movie’s success.

Director Francis Ford Coppola famously realized this during the filming of Apocalypse Now and was forced to recast actor Harvey Keitel for Martin Sheen.

Such a casting problem is now completely avoidable through the use of data-driven moviemaking. LargoAI could have flagged up this issue in the pre-production phase allowing Coppola to avoid expensive reshoots.

Likewise, the hiring of inappropriate film crew such as directors could also be avoided through the use of big data analytics.

Actor John Belushi famously blamed the director of Neighbors for the film’s relatively poor box office showing. despite eventually making a profit, Belushi Said that the film’s director John G. Avildsen was unable to direct a comedy movie.

Once again, Largo AI would have identified such a problem unflagged it to the movie’s producers.

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Social Media

Social media is a relatively new phenomenon. having only been around for some 15 years or so, social media has become an incredibly powerful tool for human interaction.

Thanks to the enormous amount of data generated on social media, companies can now accurately market movies to specific target audiences, thereby dramatically improving the return on investment of their marketing budget.

So for example, if a film stars Tom Cruise, now movie production companies can target market all Tom Cruise related social media sites. They will be able to place adverts that will directly reach those most likely to go to see the movie.

With the help of such datasets, we at Largo can help movie productions of all sizes engage in affective target marketing.

These are just a few examples of the datasets that can be used to help make better movies. as the amount of data gross, so will the accuracy of the predictions and recommendations made by LargoAI.

For more information on data-driven moviemaking, contact Largo today.