is thinking big.

Largo Films, the company behind, is proud to have created one of the most innovative video on demand platforms ever. However, their hard work continues.

This week, is re-launched with the purpose of massively upgrading the sophisticated AI driven technology that powers the platform.



This latest upgrade follows a series of new innovations that the platform’s creators have added to the site since its launch at the Cannes Film Festival earlier this year.

During the 2018 Locarno Film Festival, announced the launch of its sophisticated AI driven film learning system.

This cutting edge technology is actually able to analyze film content to map the ‘ingredients’ of a film. Such a tool allows to categorize films far more accurately than other platforms and so offer its users incredibly accurate film recommendations.

The great thing about this technology is that, even with the little interactions of users with the site, it can give very accurate “taste fits” differently than many other platforms. Sami Arpa, the CEO of, notes that, “A film is not only comedy, horror, or drama. It is a mixture of all these ingredients within a planned order. Our AI do find the recipes of the films, and mine the secret recipes that have power to conquer the heart of the audience. Our “user taste” system is just a beginning. We can do much more with this technology to mark an era in the movie industry.”

This revolutionary new technology was developed with the help of the Image and Visual Representation Lab at EPFL, one of the leading technology universities in the world. The EPFL has been collaborating with for more than two years and was instrumental in the development of all the site’s innovative features.


RECENTLY, SOFY.TV HAD SOME GREAT NEWS was recently awarded with a funding by the Foundation Pour L’Innovation (Switzerland) in recognition of it being one of the most promising new startup companies. The FIT stated that is “a novel streaming platform for short films (designed around) innovative features to increase the engagement of the audience.” This money is already being invested in creating more innovative features for the platform that will make it an indispensable platform for short films.

Largo has recently got also an investment which has created new sources for their marketing strategies planned for the end of this year.

The marketing campaigns will be performed together with Google, after developing a partnership between and Google. Google gives an exclusive marketing support for a group of promising startups. is one of them.



At just $5.99 per month, is incredible value for money. The site has already amassed a catalog of over 400 films and continues to add more every day. It also offers a pay per view option for those who don’t wish to take out a subscription.

There are lots of reasons to choose

  • has an extensive catalog of award-winning short films, many of which are not available anywhere else. The films are either in English or other languages with English subtitles.
  • It is a dedicated short film platform.
  • Features sophisticated AI driven search and “user taste” tools. Examples include the site’s dynamic video filter, high-level film understanding, and film analysis software.
  • No adverts of any kind.
  • World-class user interface that gives users all the information they need to make the right choice.



This week’s re-launch will see get even smarter. Upgrades to the platforms AI learning capabilities will dramatically boost user satisfaction. It will make films even easier to find and show the films according to the user’s taste. aims to be the world’s premier short film site where short film lovers can find each and every film that they want. The creators have stated that their aim is to create a revolution in short film by finally making them accessible to all at a very reasonable cost.

The new upgrade will make the site one of the most user-friendly video on demand sites in the world. With its focus on innovation to keep its users happy, is leading the charge into the future of short films.

The revolution continues.


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