There were so many great mainstream movies released in 2018 that it is hard to choose which one is best.  Here are the top ten that you should not miss. So grab your popcorn and soda, and prepare to be entertained.

1. Black Panther

Black Panther is a superhero film based on the Marvel Comics original.  The film is about five African tribes who go to war with each other over a meteorite containing vibranium.

While at war, one warrior ingests a heart-shaped herb that contains vibranium which gives him superhuman abilities.  He becomes the first Black Panther.

He unites the five African tribes to create one African nation named Wakanda. However, one tribe, the Jabari, rebels and becomes its adversary.  The Wakanda nation isolates its self from the world and secretly creates advance technologies with the use of vibranium.

After the king of Wakanda, T’Chaka, dies, his son T’Challa claims the throne and becomes king.  The Jabari tribe challenges him for the throne; fortunately, T’Challa wins the fight and wins back his throne.

2. Avengers: Infinity War

The Avengers: Infinity War is another superhero movie based on a Marvels Comic.  The Avengers are a group of people with superhuman powers who have teamed up to fight evil.

In this movie, the Avengers unite together to protect humankind from destruction.  Their opponent is powerful Thanos.

Thanos is collecting infinity stones that will give him unlimited or infinite powers.   This power could help him to eradicate all human beings on earth as well as the inhabitants of other planets.

3. BlakKkKlansman

BlacKkKlansman is a movie based on a true story. The movie depicts the problem of racism in today’s U.S.A.

Ron Stallworth was the first black police officer in the Colorado Springs Police Department.  He finds himself assigned to the records section but is soon asked to undertake some undercover work.  He is assigned to infiltrate a rally for human rights where he meets Patrice, who he falls in love with.

He goes undercover posing as a white person in order to infiltrate the Ku Klux Klan, a white supremacist group in Colorado. The ruse works, and Ron becomes the first ever black person to infiltrate the KkK.

4. Mission : Impossible- Fallout

Mission: Impossible- Fallout is an action-packed movie.

Set two years after Ethan Hunt’s capture of Solomon Lane, he is asked to take out a rogue terrorist group called The Apostles.

Ethan Hunt is assigned to buy stolen plutonium from The White Widow.  In order to do so, he needs to pose as John Lark, a member of The Apostles.

Ethan Hunt, together with Benji Dunn and Luther Stickell, go to Paris for the mission but the plan falls through after Stickell is captured and the Apostles get the plutonium. The team regroups to attempt to capture John Lark and get the plutonium.

5. The Favourite

The Favourite is a movie set in England, 1708.  It is about the then Queen of Great Britain, Queen Anne.

Queen Anne is frail and sickly.  She has no interest in running the country, especially since there is a bloody war between France and Great Britain raging.

Her confidante and lover, Sarah is secretly running the country because she has enormous influence over the Queen.  Harley, the leader of the opposition, sees this and is attempting to circumvent Sarah’s authority.

Sarah’s cousin, Abigail, begins to work as a maid at the palace. Harley tells Abigail to spy on the Queen and Sarah.

One day, she witnesses Queen Anne and Sarah having sex. It is not long after that Abigail becomes very close to the queen and they also become lovers.  It is not long until this secret gets out and there is huge trouble afoot.

6. Annihilation

Annihilation is a science fiction movie about a mysterious zone where the laws of nature don’t apply.

This film is about a group of military scientist who volunteer to go inside ‘The Shimmer’, a strange quarantined place filled with mutant plants and animals.

Lena, a cellular biology professor, and former soldier, is happily married to Kane. After Kane leaves on a mission into The Shimmer and reappears under strange circumstances, she volunteers to go to a mission together to uncover the truth and to find a cure for Kane.

The group quickly finds that The Shimmer hides many dark secrets.

7. Roma

Roma is a movie about family, love, and friendship. The story revolves around the character of Cleo.  Cleo is the young maid of Sofia and Antonio.

They live together with their four young children, their grandmother Teresa, and another young maid, Adela.  We soon find that the marriage of Sofia and Antonio is strained. Antonio, as a doctor, is always away from home and so unable to spend much time with his family.

Adela and Cleo have boyfriends, and during their free time, go out on dates.  One day, Cleo gets pregnant by her boyfriend, but he denies responsibility.

Soon, events quickly spiral out of control as Cleo delivers a stillbirth baby girl, and  Antonio and Sofia separate. This is a harrowing film that will have you glued to your seats.

8. A Quiet Place

A Quiet Place is a sci-fi horror film.  The setting is in the year 2020 when almost all living things have been wiped out by creatures from another planet that were brought to Earth by a meteor shower.

These sightless, extraterrestrial beings that have hypersensitive hearing and have a tough armored skin. Humans are no match for them.

The Abbott family is out to scavenge food from an abandoned town as they struggle to survive.  They try to avoid making noises, but unfortunately, one day, one of the children is spotted and killed before his father can help him.

Despite their loss, the family must battle on in their effort to survive.

9. Hereditary

Hereditary is a horror film about demonic possession. The story is about a family with a dark past.

It all starts after the death of Annie’s mother.  Annie admits to her support group that almost all her relatives have suffered from a mental ailment, something which ended in death.

One day, she sees her dead mother in her workshop.  Shortly after, her daughter dies in an accident. Soon after, strange events begin to occur that begin to tear the remainder of the family apart.

10. Mandy

Mandy is an action horror film starring Nicholas Cage.  It is a story about two lovers, Red and Mandy, who live together peacefully.

One night, a gang member sees Mandy and decides to kidnap her.  They capture Red and Mandy and eventually killed her by burning her alive.

After escaping, Red sets out to get vengeance. One by one, Red hunts down all of the gang members and delivers retribution.


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