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This Week’s Top Releases On

1. Pig Man (2016)

7min – Horror – United States

This chilling horror short is the fourth film by Logan Ward. Following in the footsteps of cinematic masterpieces like Texas Chainsaw Massacre and The Evil Dead, Pig Man is the kind of horror that may just do for the woods what Steven Speilberg’s Jaws did for the ocean.

After a young couple heads out to the woods to be alone, they find themselves terrorized by the Pig Man.

2. The Nymph (2018)

20 min – Comedy, Horror – United States

Another horror from the United States, The Nymph is the humorous tale of a beautiful man-eating mermaid who decides on a change of life. She chooses to live life out in the world of mortal people.  The only drawback is that she must feed on those that she loves in order to preserve her new human appearance.

3. Cinemafantastique – Episode 1 (2018)

38 min – Horror, Sci-Fi, Thriller – Canada

Cinemafantastique is an exciting episodic series that combines the works of multiple directors. Its stories explore existential and philosophical questions that relate to everything from dreams to our social systems.

Each director puts his or her unique stamp of innovation on their story. As a result, Cinemafantastique is an imaginative collection of comedy, horror, sci-fi, and nightmarish surrealism, all rolled into one.

4. Cinemafantastique – Episode 2 (2018)

37 min – Horror, Sci-Fi, Thriller – Canada

The second installment of the Cinemafantastique series. For those of you who couldn’t get enough of the first episode, here is your chance to enjoy some more.

5. The Gardeners (2015)

13 min – Comedy – United States

Directed by Armand Petri, The Gardeners is the story of two well-built aspiring actors who work as seminude gardeners for Hollywood’s rich, gay community. One day their boss offers them a leading role in his new script. The trouble is that the two friends have to compete with one another to land the leading role.

6. Running Free With The Buffalo (2018)

16 min – Drama, Western – United States

Director Kevin Mounce takes us on a journey back to the classic Hollywood Western movie. Filmed in black and white, Running Free With The Buffalo is the tale of the battle between Sheriff Tate and the outlaw Jack McDuff.

The Sherriff plans to bring McDuff in to stand trial. The only problem is that McDuff’s gang have their own idea about how to deal with him.

7. Zu Zahimi (2017)

6 min – Drama – Germany

Zu Zahmi is the work of highly original German director Rebecca Blöcher

The film is a surrealist gem about seven protagonists who find themselves trapped inside a box. They find that they become trapped in their own clichés and their repetitive daily routines. What follows is an interesting examination of how individuality is all too easily lost when we don’t make an effort to be original.

8. Indelible Winter (2017)

8 min – Crime, Drama, Experimental, Film Noir, Mystery, Romance, Thriller – (United States)

Ann Huang directs this clever short that follows a romantic guy who allows his fantasies to influence the choices he makes in his relationships. Despite these decisions getting him increasingly into hot water, he continues to follow his fantasies to their nightmarish climax.

9. Palpitations Of Dust (2016)

7 min – Experimental, Film Noir, Mystery, Romance, Thriller – United States

This multi-award-winning short film was the first short from director Ann Huang, who also made Indelible Winter above. The film defined her cinematic approach including her interest in exploring multiple genres in one film.

Three friends end up in a complicated web of emotions when their relationship forces them to deal with the love and friendship between them. The film is a beautiful surrealist poem that is as original as it is enjoyable.


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