Anyone who has seen the movie Good Will Hunting will know that a movie soundtrack can be all the difference of whether it becomes a classic or soon forgotten.

The vast majority of Good Will Hunting’s songs come from the late, great Elliott Smith. His haunting melodies underscore the films often conflicted mood as the troubled Will Hunting tries to find his way in life.

While other songs could have set a similar tone, none could have achieved this as well as those by Elliott Smith. The singer was rewarded with an Oscar nomination and scores of accolades from other awards.

The now infamous Blue Danube scene in Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A space Odyssey was actually not the director’s idea but rather an aid who suggested it during editing.

Just imagine what that movie would’ve been like had the aide suggested a less evocative classical piece.

As you can see, the music used in a movie can really change the movie itself both critically as well as commercially.

So how exactly can filmmakers ensure that they choose the right song for their movie?

Well, once again the answer comes in the form of data-driven moviemaking.

Let’s take a look at how it works

What is a data-driven movie making?

Data-driven moviemaking involves the use of big data analytics to help improve processes and decisions in the movie industry.

This can be anything from which stars put in the movie to whether or not to green-light a particular script.

Today, the world produces more data than ever before. Depending on the goals, data can be used to predict or identify trends with literally anything.

big data

Big data analytics is involved in every industry in the world including the finance industry, marketing, software development, and the movie business, etc.

An example of how this works can be seen with our very own artificial intelligence big data analytics program that we call LargoAI.

LargoAI is able to use past movie gross data as well as information that includes genre, plot, and stars to accurately predict an unreleased movie’s total revenue.

To date, Lago AI has achieved a staggering accuracy of 86% when predicting unreleased movie grosses.

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How Big Data Analytics Can Help Filmmakers Pick The Right Songs

By the time they even film a scene that is to feature a song, most moviemakers already have a fairly good idea of what type of music they would like to use.

However, despite preferring a certain type of song, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s the best song to use.

The application of the big data analytics process is outlined above can help filmmakers choose the best song.

All that is required is that they enlist the help of a data-driven movie company such as Largo to apply its sophisticated big data analytics programs to the task.

Largo would begin by allowing LargoAI to analyze the movie scene by scene in order to get an accurate recipe of what the movie is all about. This could then be compared to past movies that have scored similar results in terms of genre, mood, and plot, etc.

Once LargoAI had done this, Largo engineers would be able to analyze the songs before determining how well they match with the scene.


This comparison would allow LargoAI to produce a detailed breakdown of just how well the song matches the scene. By cross-referencing this with past examples, Largo engineers are able to ascertain whether or not the song was the most suitable one for the scene.

If another song was found to be more appropriate, LargoAI would flag this up. This information would be included as part of Largo’s final report that is presented to the movie makers.

They would then have the power to decide whether or not to make a change to the song to improve audience satisfaction.

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No idea, No Problem

As was the case with Stanley Kubrick’s 2001 scene featuring the Blue Danube, sometimes filmmakers are not sure or indeed have no idea of what song to include in a scene.

This is no problem for data-driven movie making programs such as LargoAI, which can analyze a vast range of songs to see which is the most suitable.

Many film productions actually appreciate outside input that ultimately leads to changes that enrich the final movie.

So no matter what you are having trouble with, Largo can help to find the best solution.

For more information on data-driven moviemaking and what Largo can do to help ensure your movie is a success, head to the Largo website and request a free demo.