Data-driven moviemaking is changing the game when it comes to predicting movie gross.

To date, specialist big data analytics movie companies such as Largo have accurately predicted the gross of thousands of movies.

Just this year, Largo accurately predicted the gross for Sony Entertainment movie Venom as well as low independent Italian movie Domani e Un Altro Giorno.

In both cases, Largo’s sophisticated big data analytics algorithm accurately predicted the final gross to within just a few percent, despite an unexpected downturn in Italian audience numbers in early 2019.

Companies such as Largo are set to completely revolutionize the international movie industry.

By providing movie production companies accurate predictions of potential movie grosses from as early as the script phase, big data analytics will empower movie companies with the tools that they need to ensure their movies are a hit.

This is important because at the end of the day the movie business is exactly that a business.

Movies need to make profits so that movie production companies can reinvest these into new films. Companies such as Largo are working tirelessly to ensure that movies are able to fulfill their full potential.

With this in mind, we will now look at the highest-grossing movies of 2019.

1. Avengers: Endgame

  • Disney Studios Motion Pictures
  • Gross $858,373,000
  • Weekend $357,115,007

With the Marvel universe in ruins after Avengers: Infinity War, the Avengers find themselves battling to undo the devastation caused by Thanos.

Avengers: Endgame was the highest-grossing movie of 2019. Despite this, it was not the most profitable in terms of the investment required to budget its production. Taking a closer look at the figures, Avengers: Endgame gave a return on investment of around . ( 50 for every one invested.

2. The Lion King

  • Disney Studios Motion Pictures
  • Gross $543,041,133
  • Weekend $191,770,759

The Lion King was another smash hit box office success for Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures.

The film was expected to make enormous returns on its initial 191 million dollar investment. It did not disappoint. The Lion King recorded a return of investment of nearly $3 for every one invested.

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3. Toy Story 4

  • Disney Studios Motion Pictures
  • Gross $433,742,240
  • Weekend $120,908,065

The 4th installment to the popular Toy Story franchise made what Disney Studios a significant return on investment.

For its initial 120 million dollar budget, Toy Story 4 raked in unimpressive 433 million dollars. This gave the studio an almost 3.5 to one return on investment.

4. Captain Marvel 

  • Disney Studios Motion Pictures
  • Gross $426,829,839
  • Weekend $153,433,423

Another Walt Disney studios movie that managed to break the 3 to 1 ratio was Captain Marvel. The film grossed an impressive 426 million dollars for its 153 million dollar budget.

You can expect to see a sequel very soon.

5. Spider-Man: Far from Home

  • Pictures
  • Gross $390,532,085
  • Weekend $92,579,212

Spiderman has proved his earning power yet again. This 92 million dollar movie manage to rake in 390 million at the box office, giving it an ROI of nearly 4 to 1, making it the best blockbuster return on investment movie of the year.

One thing is certain, you can expect to see yet another Spiderman movie in a cinema near you very soon.

6. Aladdin

  • Disney Studios Motion Pictures
  • Gross $355,559,216
  • Weekend $91,500,929

Aladdin is back! Not only has he brought back magic and adventure to the big screen, but he has also filled the bank balance of Walt Disney studios once again.

The second-best return on investment for the year, Aladdin grossed unimpressive 355 million for its 90 one million dollar budget.

7. Joker

  • Bros.
  • Gross $258,683,522
  • Weekend $96,202,337

There was some apprehension in the studio regarding this new Joker movie. Not only would it not be focused around Batman but it would also not feature actor Heath Ledger whose performance as Joker shortly before his death redefined the character on the silver screen.

Nonetheless, audiences flocked to see the Joker in massive numbers helping it to gross 258 million dollars worldwide. The film was also Warner Bros’ highest-grossing movie of the year.

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8. It Chapter Two

  • Bros
  • Gross $210,074,155
  • Weekend $91,062,152

It Chapter 2 was expected to be a successful blockbuster. The film performed very well but still only managed to achieve an ROI of just over two to one.

9. Us

  • Pictures
  • Gross $175,005,930
  • Weekend $71,117,625

Two films from Universal Pictures round out the Top 10 highest-grossing movies of 2019.

While many might have thought that us would not have made it to the Top 10 for 2019, Us proved a huge hit with audiences throughout the world.

With the ROI of just under $2.5 to $1, Us represented a fine investment for the studio.

10. Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw

  • Pictures
  • Gross $173,732,585
  • Weekend $60,038,950

Yet another Fast & Furious movie from Universal Pictures makes the Top 10 highest-grossing movies of the year list.

This spinoff to the series managed to rake in 173 million dollars for its 60 million dollar investment. Its almost 3 to 1 ROI means that we are inevitably facing yet another Fast And Furious movie soon.

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