Train ride movies have a unique charm that captures the imagination of audiences. Whether it’s the thrill of a high-speed chase or the intimate connections formed onboard, these films take us on exciting journeys. In this article, we will explore the top 10 train ride movies, spanning various genres and captivating storytelling. Get ready for a cinematic adventure on the rails!

The Thrill of Train Ride Movies

Train ride movies offer a thrilling experience, where the confined space of a train becomes the setting for suspense, action, and intrigue. They keep us on the edge of our seats, wondering what will happen next. Let’s dive into the world of train ride movies and discover the best examples across different genres.

Classic Train Ride Movies

Classic train ride movies paved the way for the genre, leaving an indelible mark on cinema history. These timeless films continue to captivate audiences with their iconic train sequences and compelling storytelling.

North by Northwest

Alfred Hitchcock’s “North by Northwest” is a classic thriller that features one of the most memorable train scenes in cinematic history. Cary Grant’s character finds himself entangled in a web of espionage and mistaken identity, leading to a thrilling chase across the country. The suspense builds as Grant’s character evades danger on a speeding train, culminating in a breathtaking climax atop Mount Rushmore.

    The Great Train Robbery

    Considered one of the earliest narrative films, “The Great Train Robbery” directed by Edwin S. Porter in 1903, revolutionized the industry. This silent Western depicts a daring train heist and showcases innovative filmmaking techniques for its time. Its thrilling plot and groundbreaking style have made it a true classic in the train ride movie genre.

    Murder on the Orient Express

    Agatha Christie’s renowned detective Hercule Poirot takes center stage in “Murder on the Orient Express.” This mystery masterpiece follows Poirot as he investigates a murder that occurs on a luxurious train journey. With an ensemble cast and a gripping plot full of twists and turns, this film keeps audiences guessing until the final revelation.

    Modern Train Ride Movies

    In recent years, modern train ride movies have brought new perspectives and storytelling techniques to the genre. These films combine the excitement of train travel with contemporary themes and innovative narratives, providing a fresh take on the genre.


    Bong Joon-ho’s “Snowpiercer” takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where a perpetually moving train serves as the last refuge for humanity. This thought-provoking film explores social class, survival, and revolution as the passengers onboard the train navigate through its distinct compartments. With a stellar cast and visually stunning cinematography, “Snowpiercer” offers a unique and immersive train ride experience.

    Source Code

    “Source Code” directed by Duncan Jones is a sci-fi thriller that combines time travel and train rides. The protagonist, played by Jake Gyllenhaal, awakens on a commuter train and discovers he is part of a government experiment to uncover a terrorist threat. As he relives the same eight minutes on the train, tension and mystery escalate, leading to a thrilling climax. The film’s clever plot twists and Gyllenhaal’s compelling performance make it a must-watch for train ride movie enthusiasts.

    The Taking of Pelham 123

    “The Taking of Pelham 123” is a gripping remake of the 1974 film, directed by Tony Scott. Denzel Washington stars as a New York City subway dispatcher who becomes entangled in a high-stakes hostage situation on a subway train. With its intense pacing, dynamic performances, and a race against time, this modern train ride movie keeps viewers on the edge of their seats until the nail-biting conclusion.

    Thriller Train Ride Movies

    Thriller train ride movies offer a heart-pounding experience, combining suspense, danger, and unexpected twists. These films deliver adrenaline-fueled journeys that will leave you breathless.


    “Unstoppable” tells the gripping story of a runaway freight train and the efforts of two railroad workers, played by Denzel Washington and Chris Pine, to prevent a catastrophic disaster. Inspired by true events, this high-octane thriller keeps the audience engaged with its relentless pace and thrilling sequences. The film showcases the bravery and dedication of its characters as they race against time to stop the unstoppable.

    The Commuter

    Liam Neeson stars in “The Commuter,” a gripping thriller that takes place entirely on a commuter train. Neeson’s character, a former police officer, becomes embroiled in a dangerous conspiracy during his daily train commute. As the tension escalates and the stakes rise, he must unravel the mystery and protect the lives of innocent passengers. With Neeson’s intense performance and a plot full of unexpected twists, “The Commuter” keeps audiences on the edge of their seats from start to finish.

    Seat 26D

    “Seat 26D” is a lesser-known gem in the thriller train ride genre. This suspenseful film follows a young woman who boards a seemingly ordinary train, only to find herself trapped in a deadly game orchestrated by a mysterious stranger. As she navigates the train’s compartments, solving puzzles and evading danger, the tension builds, keeping viewers guessing until the climactic conclusion. “Seat 26D” offers a thrilling and immersive train ride experience that will leave audiences captivated.

    Action-Packed Train Ride Movies

    Action-packed train ride movies deliver exhilarating sequences, explosive stunts, and adrenaline-fueled escapades. These films offer a thrilling combination of intense action and train-based excitement.

    The Train

    Starring Burt Lancaster, “The Train” is an action-packed World War II film set in Nazi-occupied France. As the resistance plans to transport valuable artwork to safety, Lancaster’s character takes on the perilous task of thwarting German efforts to confiscate the treasures. This gripping film showcases thrilling train chases, daring maneuvers, and high-stakes action, making it a standout in the action train ride movie genre.

      Under Siege 2: Dark Territory

      “Under Siege 2: Dark Territory” is an action-packed sequel that sees Steven Seagal fighting terrorists on a hijacked train. As Seagal’s character battles to protect innocent passengers and prevent a catastrophic attack, the film delivers intense fight scenes, explosive set pieces, and edge-of-your-seat excitement. With its adrenaline-pumping action and thrilling train-bound suspense, “Under Siege 2: Dark Territory” is a must-watch for action movie enthusiasts.

      Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation

      The “Mission: Impossible” franchise is known for its thrilling action sequences, and “Rogue Nation” is no exception. In this installment, Tom Cruise’s Ethan Hunt finds himself embroiled in a deadly game of cat-and-mouse aboard a high-speed train. With jaw-dropping stunts, exhilarating chase sequences, and Cruise’s daredevil performance, “Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation” delivers heart-pounding action and keeps audiences at the edge of their seats.

      Drama and Romance on the Rails

      Train ride movies not only excel in action and thrills but also offer compelling narratives of drama and romance. These films explore the human connections formed during train journeys, delving into heartfelt emotions and poignant storytelling.

      Brief Encounter

      “Brief Encounter” is a timeless classic that explores forbidden love and the fleeting nature of connections. Set in the backdrop of a train station, the film follows two strangers who meet by chance and embark on a passionate but doomed affair. With its poignant performances, evocative cinematography, and emotionally resonant storytelling, “Brief Encounter” is a masterpiece of romantic train ride movies.

        Before Sunrise

        “Before Sunrise” takes audiences on a captivating journey of love and self-discovery. This romantic drama follows two strangers, played by Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy, who meet on a train and spend a magical night together in Vienna. As they engage in deep conversations, explore the city, and forge a deep connection, the film beautifully captures the essence of fleeting encounters and the power of human connection.

        The Darjeeling Limited

        Directed by Wes Anderson, “The Darjeeling Limited” is a whimsical and heartfelt film that takes place on a train journey through India. Three estranged brothers, played by Owen Wilson, Adrien Brody, and Jason Schwartzman, reunite for a soul-searching adventure aboard the Darjeeling Limited train. The film explores themes of family, forgiveness, and self-discovery in Anderson’s signature style, blending quirky humor with genuine emotional moments.

        Animated Train Ride Movies

        Animated train ride movies bring the magic of animation to the world of locomotives, offering delightful adventures for audiences of all ages. These films combine colorful visuals, memorable characters, and enchanting stories.

        The Polar Express

        “The Polar Express” is a beloved animated film based on the children’s book by Chris Van Allsburg. The story follows a young boy who embarks on a magical train ride to the North Pole on Christmas Eve. With its stunning animation, heartwarming message, and a touch of holiday magic, “The Polar Express” has become a cherished holiday classic.

          Toy Story 3

          While not entirely focused on train rides, “Toy Story 3” features a thrilling train chase sequence that adds an exciting dimension to the film. As Woody, Buzz, and the gang find themselves on a runaway train, they must work together to overcome obstacles and return to their beloved owner, Andy. This animated masterpiece combines adventure, humor, and emotional depth, providing a memorable train ride experience within the larger narrative.

          Howl’s Moving Castle

          Directed by Hayao Miyazaki, “Howl’s Moving Castle” is a visually stunning and enchanting animated film that includes a captivating train scene. The film follows Sophie, a young woman who is transformed into an old lady by a witch’s curse. On her journey to break the curse, she encounters a magical moving castle and finds herself on a train that travels through lush landscapes and fantastical realms. Miyazaki’s signature storytelling and breathtaking animation make “Howl’s Moving Castle” a must-see for train ride movie enthusiasts and fans of Studio Ghibli.

          Cross-Cultural Train Ride Movies

          Cross-cultural train ride movies explore the intersection of diverse cultures, taking viewers on a journey of discovery, understanding, and shared experiences.

          The Railway Man

          “The Railway Man” is a poignant drama based on a true story. The film follows Eric Lomax, a former prisoner of war, as he confronts his haunting past and seeks reconciliation. A significant portion of the film takes place on a train, where Lomax’s journey becomes a metaphorical representation of his emotional healing and his attempt to bridge the gap between his past and present.

            The Girl on the Train

            Based on the bestselling novel, “The Girl on the Train” explores themes of mystery and psychological suspense. The story revolves around Rachel, a troubled woman who becomes entangled in a missing person investigation after witnessing something suspicious during her daily train commute. As Rachel delves deeper into the mystery, her journey on the train becomes a catalyst for self-discovery and a revelation of secrets. This gripping thriller keeps audiences guessing until the final twist.

            The Darkest Hour

            “The Darkest Hour” is a war drama that follows the evacuation of British troops during World War II. As soldiers make their way to the coast to board rescue ships, they must navigate through treacherous territories, including train rides filled with tension and uncertainty. The film captures the resilience and courage of the characters as they face the darkest hours of the war, highlighting the human spirit in the face of adversity.

            Historical Train Ride Movies

            Historical train ride movies transport viewers to different eras, offering a glimpse into the past and the significant events that unfolded during train journeys.

            The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford

            This historical drama explores the final days of notorious outlaw Jesse James. The film features a train robbery scene and delves into the complex dynamics between James and his eventual assassin, Robert Ford. With its atmospheric cinematography and compelling performances by Brad Pitt and Casey Affleck, “The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford” provides a gripping portrayal of a legendary figure and the train heists that marked his criminal career.

              The General

              Regarded as one of the greatest silent films of all time, “The General” is a comedic adventure set during the American Civil War. Based on a true story, the film follows a train engineer who becomes an unlikely hero as he attempts to rescue his beloved locomotive from Union spies. Directed by and starring Buster Keaton, “The General” showcases remarkable physical comedy and inventive stunts that still captivate audiences today.

              Von Ryan’s Express

              “Von Ryan’s Express” is a World War II adventure film that centers around a group of Allied prisoners of war attempting to escape from a German prison camp. Their plan involves hijacking a German train and making a daring journey across enemy lines. Starring Frank Sinatra and Trevor Howard, the film combines suspense, action, and a compelling story of courage and camaraderie.


              Train ride movies have long been a captivating genre in cinema, offering a thrilling and immersive experience for audiences. From classic films like “Casablanca” and “North by Northwest” to modern gems like “Snowpiercer” and “The Commuter,” these movies showcase the versatility of train settings and their ability to enhance suspense, romance, action, and drama. Whether it’s witnessing high-stakes train heists, unraveling mysteries on luxurious journeys, or exploring the depths of human connection, train ride movies continue to captivate and entertain viewers across generations.

              FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

              Are these train ride movies based on true stories?

              Some train ride movies are based on true stories, while others are fictional narratives inspired by real events or settings. Each film’s historical accuracy or inspiration may vary.

                What makes train ride movies so engaging?
                Train ride movies often combine elements of suspense, adventure, and human drama. The confined space of a train and the dynamic interactions between characters create a unique and captivating storytelling environment.

                Are there any train ride movies suitable for children?
                Yes, there are train ride movies that cater to younger audiences, such as “The Polar Express” and select animated films. These movies offer enchanting adventures and age-appropriate storytelling.

                Which train ride movie should I watch if I’m a fan of action and thrills?
                If you’re a fan of action and thrills, “Unstoppable” and “Under Siege 2: Dark Territory” are excellent choices. These films deliver high-octane excitement and adrenaline-pumping sequences.

                Are there any train ride movies that blend multiple genres?
                Yes, there are train ride movies that blend multiple genres to offer a unique viewing experience. “Snowpiercer” combines elements of science fiction, action, and social commentary, while “Murder on the Orient Express” intertwines mystery, drama, and suspense.

                Do train ride movies always take place on passenger trains?
                While many train ride movies do take place on passenger trains, there are also films that feature freight trains or specialized locomotives. The setting can vary depending on the plot and the specific focus of the film.

                Are train ride movies suitable for family viewing?
                Train ride movies can be suitable for family viewing, but it’s important to consider the rating and content of each film. Some movies, like “The Polar Express,” “Howl’s Moving Castle,” and certain animated films, offer wholesome and entertaining experiences for audiences of all ages.

                Are train ride movies primarily set in modern times, or do they explore different historical periods?
                Train ride movies explore a wide range of historical periods. From the steam-powered locomotives of the 19th century to the modern high-speed trains of today, these films provide glimpses into various eras and capture the essence of train travel throughout history.

                Do train ride movies always follow a linear narrative, or do they employ unconventional storytelling techniques?
                Train ride movies can employ both linear and unconventional storytelling techniques. Some films use flashbacks, non-linear narratives, or multiple perspectives to enhance the suspense, mystery, or character development within the train ride setting.

                In conclusion, train ride movies offer a diverse range of experiences, combining different genres, historical periods, and storytelling approaches. Whether you’re seeking action, romance, suspense, or a captivating blend of elements, there’s a train ride movie out there to suit your taste. So hop aboard, fasten your seatbelt, and enjoy the exhilarating journey that these films have to offer.

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