With our fast-paced and ever-more-stressful lives, finding the time to sit down and commit to a full-length movie is becoming increasingly difficult. However, thanks to short film platforms like Sofy.tv, short films are becoming an increasingly popular alternative.

Short movies tend to be the length of a cab or bus ride, a short train journey or a coffee break. This means that there we can still find time to squeeze them into our day.

We’ve prepared a list of the 10 best places to watch short films to allow them to fit in with your daily life.

While you might not have time for a trip into cinema, there is always a spare 30 minutes in your day when you can watch some great movies on Sofy.tv!

In the coffee shop

Take some time to refuel with a latte, espresso or cappuccino as you prepare for the rest of the day. Whether you’re heading back to the office or to study, you can use this time to get your brain working again with some caffeine and a small dose of cinema. You’re bound to return to your day refreshed and inspired.

On the train

Some of the best ideas, and indeed best film moments, have come on train journeys. Take a break from your busy life and relax with a great short movie. Whether you are on a short trip or a long one, a short film or two on soft.tv is the perfect way to enjoy your journey. Time will fly as you are absorbed by our great selection of movies. Who knows, you might just arrive at your destination feeling inspired and with a new outlook on life.

In the park

Head out for an afternoon stroll and find yourself watching a short film in the fresh air and lush green of your local park. Find a shaded spot on the grass under a tree, put your headphones in and start watching one of Sofy.tv’s great movies.

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In the cab

Sofy.tv is the perfect platform to fill the time between places which would otherwise be occupied by traffic, noise and smog.

It isn’t rude to be invested in your phone in a cab. Sure, the cabby would prefer conversation, but everyone is on their phones these days anyway. Tune in and choose one of Sofy.tv’s movies while you are on the go.

In the restaurant

Tired of dining alone? Well, now with Sofy.tv, you will never have to feel bored in a restaurant again. While enjoying your food, why not watch a short film if you’ve got nothing better to do? You’re never alone with a phone, as the saying goes, and with a short film, you will be taken away to another world. Fill the time before your food arrives with any one of Sofy.tv’s catalogue of great shorts.

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At home

It’s been a busy day and you’re still short of time. You’ve got to cook, do the dishes, tidy the apartment and get some more work done. Take a quick break with Sofy.tv in your living room. Connect your phone to the TV and sit back and enjoy great movies from the comfort of your sofa.

At a friend’s place

Experiences are better when shared and the same goes for short films.

Share the magic of short cinema with a friend. Login to Sofy.tv on one of your devices and enjoy a short break together. Alternatively, you can each pick a few short films each and make a night of it. See how much your friends like your choices and how much you like theirs. Make tonight an evening of discovery with close friends and Sofy.tv.

On a break

Switch your focus, rest your mind from those reports or approaching exams. A Sofy.tv short film can fill the gap and will leave you refreshed and ready to continue with your working day or revision. Taking time out from your stressful work routine is important, and what better way to do it than with Sofy.tv?

On the subway

10 stops left to your destination? Can’t look anyone in the eyes or talk with a stranger at risk of seeming weird? This sounds like the perfect time to keep your head down, pop your headphones in and log in to Sofy.tv and watch a short film.

Just remember to watch out as Sofy.tv short films are so absorbing that you may well find you have missed your stop.

In bed

Relax under the duvet with the comfort of your phone or tablet and enjoy a trip into another world.

What better bedtime story than a Sofy.tv short movie? Wind down after the long day in the office. Take thought-provoking story with you as you fall asleep, one which will make you think differently the next day and perhaps even change your outlook on the world.

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And there you have it! Our top 10 places to enjoy short films. Just remember that whether you are in a cab, on the subway, on a train, restaurant or cafe, there’s always time for a short movie.

Sofy.tv is the best place to find great short films, and no matter where you choose to enjoy them, we’re confident you’ll have a great experience. So, give social media a rest and dive into the amazing world of short movies!


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