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We are dedicated to adding as many films as possible to our exciting new short film video streaming site. To date, we have amassed over 500 films and counting. Our aim is to ensure that no matter how many you watch, there is always a steady supply of new films for you to enjoy.

This week, we are proud to announce the addition of several new comedies as well as a few exciting thrillers and drama shorts. Many of these films are award winning and are certain to score well with our members.

Let’s take a look at the latest additions to our ever-growing catalog.


Director – Ignacio Redondo

Spain, 12 min – Comedy

This hilarious short comedy tells the tale of the most important day in the life of David. He is about to seal a $10 million deal with a Japanese company that will make him for life. As David’s perfect day gets underway, little does he realized that he could be about to have the worst day of his life.

AURELIA (2016)

Director – Bruno Trivelli

Canada, 14 min – Drama

This excellent film is a touching story about the final days of the life of an elderly biologist who has terminal brain cancer. As the cancer begins to make him delusionary, the biologist mistakes a cleaner for his daughter and tries to come to terms with their relationship.

BONK! (2014)

Director Kerrin Kokot

South Africa, 2 min – Comedy

This film is a real testament to the power of short film. At just 2 minutes long, it would seem that it would be hard to cram in so many laughs. When Mary is unable to sleep because of her noisy neighbors, she decides upon a plan that will ensure that her sleep is never disturbed again.


Director Antonio Darwiche

United States, 16 min – Drama, Thriller

Psychiatrist Sydney Garland expects today to be much like any other. After an armed man enters his office, Garland is forced to confront an alarming situation where the penalty for saying or doing the wrong thing could be severe.

Writer/director Antonio Darwiche’s best short so far, and one that shows just how mature and innovative he has become.


Director Jonas Trukanas

Lithuania, 2015

15 min, Comedy, Thriller

This interesting ghost story is a real treat to all those who love the comedy horror genre.

An elderly woman by the name of Vilmute discovers that her home is haunted. The ghost soon becomes an increasing nuisance by keeping her awake all night and smoking inside. Finally, Vilmute decides to fight back to restore her home to its former peace. Only when it is too late does the ghost realize that she has picked on the wrong grandmother.


Director Shahriar Shandiz (2016)

Iran, 13 min – Comedy

A lonely supermarket checkout man has to serve countless couples every day. Secretly he longs for a love of his own. One day, as the supermarket he works in is about to close, he finds himself staring at a beautiful blue-eyed woman who has come shopping in his store. Struck by love at first sight, the questions is will the man act on his feelings and try to win the woman’s heart.

BUCKET (2013)

Director Gabriel Robertson

United Kingdom, 15 min – Comedy, Drama

A touching tale of a man who, on the brink of suicide, notices a six-month-old baby abandoned next to the trash. Despite his desire to end his life, the man decides that he must help the baby first. He takes it home to his apartment, where he meets his friend Paul. The two friends decide to call the police to report the find.

THE APPLE (2017)

Director Henry Disotuar

Belgium, 27 min – Drama

This harrowing story by director Henry Disotaur is already much loved by members. The film tells the tale of a ten-year-old boy who is set to leave his native Cuba forever. Overcome by emotions and the uncertainty of whether he will ever see his friends again, the boy struggles to come to terms with himself.

After he gets a rare green apple, the boy decides to use it to impress his school friends as he looks to say goodbye. The film is a cleaver look into the emotions we all know and feel about letting go of the past and heading towards an uncertain future.

THE HOOK (2017)

Director Aanal Kumar

India, 2 min – Experimental

One of the strangest but yet imaginative films in the catalog, The Hook is a fantastic surrealistic piece from director Aanal Kumar. When a proud but greedy fish with a mustache gets trapped on a hook, we are asked the question of how greed leads us to dangerous places.

This metaphor is a powerful way to get audiences to question one of the biggest human weaknesses, one which threatens to destroy us all.


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