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Since our launch at the Cannes Film Festival earlier this year, has undergone a number of revolutionary changes that were solely aimed at making the platform bigger and better.

To start with, we have added more than 10 new films on average since our launch. This means that the short film catalog now comprises of over 500 fantastic shorts!

Since many of these films are award winning and are exclusive to our catalog, is quickly becoming the ONLY place short film lovers want to watch their favorite films.

Many of you will have noticed our recent upgrade of the interface. Not only did this upgrade make look great, but it also helped up add in some really cool new features as well.

We are now asking all our members to complete a 1-minute film taste questionnaire. Users who complete this quiz will notice that after they have done so, their movie recommendations will suddenly have gotten a lot better. This is because we have launched our brand new AI-driven film recommendation software.

Finding your favorite movies just got a lot easier with

Top 10 Movies

To honor the feedback that our members have given the films in our catalog, we have put together a list of the top 10 favorite films of members.

Hope you like them 😉

COMA (2015)

Director: Terry Marriott

Canada, 9 min – Drama

Scoring an impeccable 9 out of 10 stars, Coma is a top member’s favorite. A guy called Frank falls asleep on a beach only to try to wake up and realize he can’t move. After Frank becomes aware that his daughter is in trouble in the ocean, he has to do all that he can to find a way to move again to rescue her.


Director: William Charles

United Kingdom, 4 min – Film Noir

A film noir with a twist.  After Midnight In The Asphalt Jungle spins this rich genre, where, rather than focusing on humans, the crime story follows a group of cats and dogs. The action is relayed through a wonderful overdub narration as the cats and dogs battle it out in the Asphalt Jungle.


Director: Sjoerd de Bont

Netherlands, 7 min – Comedy, Drama, Romance

Who would have thought that a simple fight over a TV remote control could have made such a great movie? If you have not seen this wonderful film, then click the link and start watching now.

LOST DOGS (2017)

Director: Cullan Bruce

United States, 15 min – Drama

Jeong-Eun dreams about leaving home to escape from her terrible mother. At last, she thinks she discovers a way to ease her suffering. After her brother returns home she believes her life will get better. Little does she know that her brother has a dark secret that threatens her new salvation.


Director: Paco Arasanz

Spain, 11 min – History, Horror, War

The Spanish Civil War is still an event that touches every corner of Spanish society even to this day. This powerful film from director Paco Arasanz tells the story of three soldiers who decide to desert their unit to save their lives.

However, they have not counted on a strange encounter that will change their lives forever.


Director: Natalie Malla

United Kingdom, 15 min – Comedy, Drama, Romance

This hilarious comedy makes light of a moment that many married people have faced. On the day that she is to be married, Emily meets a guy who is dressed as Henry VIII. Seeing it as a bad sign, Henry famously married six times, Emily must make the biggest decision of her life.


Director: Melissa-Kelly Franklin

United Kingdom, 21 min – Drama, History

Based on a short story by famous novelist Edgar Allan Poe, Portrait tells the story of a young artist called Sybil who finds herself torn between the love of her work and her lover.

NO SEX (2017)

Director: Alexey Ionov

Russia, 9 min – Comedy

Imagine being told that you cannot have sex for 6 long months? This is what happens to a woman in Alexey Ionov’s award-winning film No Sex. Soon after she is realized from hospital, the woman meets a man who offers to support her through the next 6 months.

The payoff, he expects to get a night of passionate sex after the six months have ended. The only problem is, can he really last that long?

CONFINO (2016)

Director: Nico Bonomolo

Italy, 11 min – Drama

After a rebellious performer is banished to a lighthouse, he decides to perform a daring show from the island’s lighthouse. His show will make fun of fascist dictator Mussolini, who is oppressing large parts of Italy’s society.

AURELIA (2016)

Director: Bruno Trivelli

Canada, 14 min – Drama, Experimental

A film about an elderly man who is dying from brain cancer. After delusion sets in, the man ends up mistaking a caretaker for his daughter. Rather than put him right, the caretaker plays along in an effort to help the man come to terms with his problems.


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