is the world’s leading short film streaming site. Despite only having been launched earlier this year, the platform already has in excess of 200 films in its catalog. This figure is growing by the day, with roughly 10 new shorts being added every week.

If you are a lover of film and wish to explore the exciting medium of short movies, then is the answer. Too long have us film lovers struggled to find the short films we want to watch. While the likes of Netflix cater to feature film and TV fans, these platforms lack much in the way of short movie coverage.

With the creation of Largo Films, aims to finally bring shorts back to our screens and make them accessible to all.

So What New Releases Are There This Week?

There are two great new releases coming to the platform this week. They are the sci-fi short film Mimicry and the Greek drama Fox.

Let’s take a closer look at them, but before we do, if you are not already a member of the platform then here’s how to become one.

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MIMICRY (2016)

Canada – 16 min – Drama, Sci-Fi

Directed by Aliks Chen & Dylan Simmons, Mimicry is a futuristic drama that deals with the possibility of science to one day create ‘perfect’ humans.

Mimicry (2016)

In the not too distant future, scientists have found a way to genetically engineer humans. One of the offshoots of this leap in science is the ability for parents to create designer babies that will have whatever desirable characteristics that they want. Mimicry follows one mother and her dilemma as she has to choose between a natural birth and a designer baby.

While the film gives an interesting insight into the kinds of moral choices that scientific advances in the future will create, it also causes us to examine why we are all so obsessed with the idea of perfection in the first place.

The film won numerous awards and nominations and so far is rated a respectable 8.4 out of 10 on the platform.

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FOX (2016)

Greece – 28 min – Drama

Directed by Jacqueline Lentzou, Fox is a touching drama that shows how a family copes with death.

Set in Athens, Greece, Fox follows the character of Stephanos, who after his mother goes out for the day, is left to care for his little sister and the family dog. Stephanos resents having to take care of his sister, something which leads to a fight between him and his mother.

FOX (2016)

After his mother leaves, the sibling’s day takes a turn for the worse after the sick dog Lucy dies. Both Stephanos and his little sister are forced closer together by the death and the series of events that come after.

The film is an interesting examination of the roles played within a family and what it is to be the oldest man.

The film won 3 nominations including for the Orpheus Award for Best Short Film. It has been immensely popular with members who have scored it 9 out of 10, making it one of the highest scoring films on the site.

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A Great Catalog That Keeps Growing

These two fantastic films join the most popular current releases on and show just how diverse and rich their catalog is. The platform adds more than 10 new titles every week. The dedicated team behind reviews all films that are submitted to decide on whether or not they reach the standards of excellence that are required.

As a member of, I have to add how refreshing it is to have such a great site where I can find short films. After years of trying to browse YouTube’s catalog and having to pay exorbitant sums to buy DVD copies of the few short films actually available, it is amazing to finally be able to easily access so many great short films.


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