If you are wondering what to do this Friday or Saturday evening then you have come to the right place.

We all have those times where our plans fall through and so find ourselves alone wondering how to make the most of the weekend.

So if you were trying to figure out what to do this weekend, here is one way you can make your Friday or Saturday night fun.

A takeaway meal spiced up with great short movies.

Many of us often find ourselves alone on the weekend. Perhaps you’ve been stood up or just want to spend time alone after a hectic week.

Naturally, because it’s the weekend and all those people are out there having fun, we sometimes feel a little bit left out.

The great news is that you can have a great time alone without missing out on the fun.

If your friends and family are all busy and don’t want to come over to watch some movies, grab that takeaway food app and order your favorite treat.

While you are waiting, head to the Sofy.tv website and sign in if you are a member, or sign up if you aren’t.

Once you are signed in then you can use Sofy.tv’s user-friendly interface to search for movies that you might like.

For members who have used the platform before, you won’t have to spend much time searching thanks to the site’s powerful AI-driven movie recommendation system.

This much talked about system has been a massive hit with Sofy.tv members who find that they rarely have to search for movies on their own anymore.

So if you are already Sofy.tv member who has used the platform then you will only need to click on the movies listed in the recommendation system.

Finally, line up your high-quality movie so that it is ready to play the second that you have got your takeaway food delivered.

All you have to do now is sit back and enjoy.

Get some friends over for a short movie night

Grab your phone and start calling!

Get as many of your friends or family over as possible, and as early as possible.

The reason that you need them over early is that you will all need to browse Sofy.tv’s extensive catalog of over 1000 award-winning short movies to select one or two movies that you each want to watch.

Save them in your account’s “favorites” section and then break out the drinks and start watching.

This is a great way to get to know your friends and family better and avoid one problem when watching feature length movies.

All too often we get together for a movie night and end up watching some disappointing feature-length film that ruins the evening.

The beauty of short movies is that they are no longer than 40 minutes in duration and therefore still allow you plenty of time to recover the evening’s festivities by watching a different one after.

A fun bonus is to sit and chat with your friends about what you liked or didn’t like about the movie as well as using the break to get a much-needed drink refill.

Watch a movie with a lover on the other side of the world

These days, relationships are growing ever more complex. Increasingly, couples of finding themselves living in different places where it is hard to meet often.

While the time difference might be quite hard to get over for those couples who are at the opposite side of the globe, most distant lovers are not that far away from each other.

So in order to keep sharing moments together, what better than watching some great movies on Sofy.tv?

It’s time to fire up your video chat software and log into Sofy.tv.

A fun challenge is to try to pick a few movies that you think your partner will most enjoy. They should do the same for you.

Once you are ready, give them a call and turn on your video chat.

You can now watch the movie together while also watching each other.

Eat, drink, and be merry, and you will find your relationship is as strong as ever, especially if you are able to pick movies that your partner really enjoys.

Spend a great evening with the kids

Short movies are the perfect entertainment for children.

While many of the award-winning short movies on Sofy.tv might be a little too deep for the average child, the platform’s catalog includes numerous imaginative cartoons and animations that will have your children fixated to the screen.

Once again, the great thing about short movies is that you can watch a lot of different ones with your kids over the evening, something which will keep them interested.

Cook up a bag of popcorn and squeeze everyone into the sofa. Hit the play button and enjoy Sofy.tv’s high-quality shorts with your family for a weekend that of fun and excitement.

Watch a great movie while you get ready to go out

Another great thing about short movies is that you can watch them while you wait.

So, if you are cooking a nice meal before you go out or just getting ready, you can watch a short movie during a break.

You might be waiting for the pasta to boil, or waiting for your nail polish to dry, if you are then there is no better time to keep yourself entertained by watching a short movie.

These are just some of the great ways that you can enjoy some of Sofy.tv’s short movies this weekend.

With so many fantastic shorts, the platform is the world’s number one choice for watching short films online.

Let Sofy.tv help you have that weekend that you will never forget.


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